Collaboration with other Studies

New research will explore why some people who contract COVID-19 have symptoms and others don’t, and will question why, out of those who become symptomatic, not all become seriously ill.

The PANTHER study group have a large number of collaborations both within Nottingham and Nationally. PANTHER would not have been possible without the support of University of Nottingham School of Medicine , Nottingham BRC  and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust. We have developed collaborative links with the ‘Covid-Consortium’  and together have access to the only bioresource of UK frontline healthcare workers with enough samples to answer critical questions surrounding susceptibility to SARS-Cov2

Individual investigators/collaborators

PANTHER Management Team / Chief Investigators
Professor Ben Ollivere  Clinical Trialist
Professor Ana Valdes  Epigeneticist
Professor Guru Aithal BRC Deputy Director
Immunology & Virology Collaborators
Professor Jonathan Ball  Molecular Virologist
Respiratory Collaborations
Professor Lim Wei Shen  Respiratory Viral Pandemics
Covid-Collaboration Co-applicants
James Moon
Thomas Treibel
Mahdad Noursadeghi
Aine McKnight
Charlotte Manisty
University of Nottingham"
Nottingham University Hospitals"
Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre"
COVID-19 Consortium"

PANdemic Tracking of HEalthcare woRkers

COVID-19 in Healthcare Workers study
In association with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust